The Leaning Tower of Babel

Knowledge builds upon knowledge and increases in speed. It accelerates, by definition, to an ever higher level as each discovery, finding, idea and accomplishment is cemented to another into this tower of meaning, slanted towards the physical universe. An ever increasing vocabulary of ideas and meanings denoted our understanding of this reality. Cemented, by mathematics, logic and process of the scientific method. Towards an unimaginable height with a possible glass ceiling of the singularity.

Something is missing? It feels like something has been lost in the hurry to reach out and understand the universe.

I love science, it is logical, it is meaningful, it aspires to the truth. It stretches your mind and teases your ability to understand those things that seem obvious until you look closer.

But most of my life has been an unsuccessful mix of trying to connect truth to the experience of life. Trying to connect reality to a realm perceived inside and known since birth. It feels like something evades us and makes us as barbaric as a cave dweller, with no understanding of the wonderful reality beyond their horizon. Maybe the warmth of the fire and the competition of life is enough to prevent them from reaching out.

The tower is definitely leaning and needs the support of more foundations.

What those foundations are I have no idea but the certainty that they exist. Just asking myself a few of the mysteries that surround me I feel their absence.

Why in considering ideas, meanings and their existence do I need to look back at the thoughts of some Ancient Greek guy over 2,000 years ago?

When I use them every day, constantly in my thoughts without understanding.

Why in considering ‘Who Am I’ do I have to look back at ancient books and religions, fragmented and corrupted by thousands of years of history?

When I exist now, in this place in the universe, somehow separate from you.

Why in considering the beautiful patterns that exist in art, such as music, or the beautiful visual forms of the universe do I need to look at the mathematics to find my answers?

When I can with no doubt, define something, (or even someone,) as beautiful.

Why in considering life, how it exists at all and its relationships with each other do I need to reference definitions in biology?

When I know that something is alive, feels, perceives and loves apparently as easily as I do in my everyday life.

Why in considering of where I will be in a hundred years time there is silence…

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