Get Over Yourself!

So this is the lowest point, too painful to think of, the feeling that nothing is left and that nothing will get better. The darkness, the cold silent places of misery and suffering envelope every thought and feeling.
Well … Get over yourself!

Your life can move in the matrix of possibilities in any direction and at any speed. The lowest point to you has been achieved by many before you and sadly by many after you. In this one regard you are not special. The lowest point can be achieved, time and time again, maybe further and further into depths because there appears to be nothing to pull you back.

But you are alive. You are able to make changes. Within you. Without you.

Look for those who have gone deeper into this nightmare. Those who never ever had the chance to find a way out. Those who never had the capacity or the life to ever change their life or circumstance.

There are many who have gone before you, through hopelessness and despair. They are gone.

You are not. You are here and now. You are measured in your own mind by what you think you are. How can you think that something so wonderful can be so unimportant, so unneeded?

You are wonderful!

You have life. You can be so many things. You are!

What is the measure that gives so much pain to you? Is it yours? Or is it someone else’s? It is only a measure, a finite thing, that cannot define anything so complex. Just like a ruler cannot measure a life. It is a false measure that creates so much pain. It is not you and never will be, because you are so much more. In your hopes you can be so much more. In reality you are so much more.

The lowest point is just an experience. It is a gift. The points become lower and lower until the spirit inside you recognises that ‘enough is enough’ and that the cause of it should be dealt with. Now and forever. For once dealt with, will never be your experience again.

Remove the lowest point. It’s cause. You do not need or want to be there.

Use it as your experience, your strength. Make it something that once was and will never be again. Maybe you can be the wonderful person that is needed by another special one who is experiencing this fall. Maybe you can be the person who makes sure it never happens again.

Whatever the result. You will move forward. You will find new challenges. It may be physical, it may be mental, none are anything special. You can beat them all if you get over yourself and be above them.

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