The Problem Problem

How is a problem resolved and an answer created?
How is change accomplished?
A change requires time and space/concept, a measurement of what was before and after.
A problem solved requires one or more changes.
A construct is that which is imagined, desired or wanted.
The changes then create a result that is the perceived construct. However, perception is a subset, a filter of the universal set and will only be a representation of the construct originally desired.
Consideration of cause being after effect is possible, though both actually exist at the same time. So the result may well exist before the construct.

Method 1
• Simply by action
• Change made
• A Construct created that is the result, an exact match is assumed because there was no known construct to compare too
• Seems like God plays dice

Method 2
• Simply by action and a filter – the unconstructed construct
• Changes made and failures removed from this problem in the universal field
• Construct created that is complex and functional, must have been created by something infinitely creative.
• God plays dice but keeps going until he gets all sixes

Method 3
• A Construct imagined
• Changes required to the universal field to create the construct broken down into numerous actions, projects, tasks, activities.
• Result created – a facsimile of something close to the construct

Method 4
• A construct imagined
• A process takes place that changes the universal field to create the construct. Infinite times, events, possibilities all take place and instantly the result is created. The result is an exact match to the construct.

What happens in the changes?

Structures in the universal field are different. Do all values exist? Is it change or selection in the probabilities of the universal field.
Calculations are made. One thing, the answer symbolises the result of the equation, although both are different.
Decision making takes place? Are all decisions in existence or are they unique.
The universal field, even though having laws that govern its operation appear perfect and consistent in every spacetime locality, do get thrown away when consciousness makes a change.
F=ma until the ‘m’ changes his mind and goes somewhere else.


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