Don’t Follow The Herd

I know – the herd is interesting and there is always something important going on.

It is noisy, exciting, it can take over your life.

It appears that everyone raves about what the herd is doing. You cannot help but get trampled with the same thinking, the same ideas and the same dust as the herd.

But as you get a little older and dare to think a little wiser, you sometimes regret following the same old paths. You yearn for those quieter fields where your heart would have gone. You question the sense of what seemed the appropriate and right thing to do when listening sensibly to the herd.

Almost as soon as you think of going against the herd you see stories of those who dared to wander in less trodden fields. The ones who went against the grain and had wonderful experiences because they dared to be different.
So many stories of those who go against the crowd when searching for their own success you begin to see it all again. Another herd.

Just going in the opposite direction.

Lesson learned.

There is only one way… Please don’t let me forget it this time… Stop listening to others and do what you feel and know inside to be the very thing you want to do. Even if it not as clear as the herd. Even if it doesn’t sound as good as the expert advice that always sounds so good in the herd. Even if it sounds stupid, pointless, impossible, maybe even at times selfish. It is that absolutely rarest of all things in the universe. It is uniquely individual to the only person in existence it should belong to as an experience. It will be that single individual alone that will account for it alone later.

I don’t want to get older again and regret any more that I didn’t do this, didn’t allow myself to think the other, or didn’t experience that because I followed or fought the herd. I hope I break the trend and from the crowd and at least listen to my own advice.

Allow yourself to make the mistakes, to stumble and fall. Allow yourself to play within the universe and create something new.

Don’t Follow The Herd!

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