Tony Robbins – The Time of your Life – Another Project

With a day scheduled for writing articles I will also be starting the Tony Robbins product ‘The Time of your Life’. 🙂

Here goes another project …

I do love my projects don’t I – Well this one couldn’t have come at a better time. ‘The Time of your Life’ is a product by Tony Robbins to help you change your life so you get more time out of it.

It is split up as a program of 10 days, each one will be of 90 minutes audio with a few assignments each. Well … I am going to follow the program and see how much I can get out of it… And yes … I will be taking notes. I have the advantage to go over and review and make sure I pick up every bit of information in my own time so whether I complete it in 10, 20 or 5 days, we’ll see. Apparently it comes from an intensive program of 2 full days work.

I must admit ‘time’ has always been a problem for me, scientifically, academically and practically. I have never really learned to manage it properly and I hope what I get from this will help towards the massive work that is ahead…

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