Day 6 of the #30DC

Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge is the creation of the website… Easy…Well once another challenge was got out of the way…

I did have a ‘you must follow the program’ fight going on here. I am used to WordPress being hosted on my own host but here it introduces WordPress Direct. Well I will follow the program, that was my original intention so I’ll stick to it and I guess it’ll be interesting to see how WordPress Direct compares … You never know … I might love it 🙂

Behind all of this was a real fight too with writing an article. I have over the month got used to writing but writing an article focused on one topic was a real problem for me and I had a real battle going on. I am now comfortable with writing whatever rubbish I want connected to whatever the subject is … But to stay focused and write an article for a specific target audience, using the right keywords, with copying ideas and keeping it unique. Wow!! It took me absolutely ages!! I’ll write about that later…

OK – WordPress Direct – they do have a boast to make from the 2008 30 Day Challenge, they had out of all the ones registered from the challenge 57% (1174 sites) achieving first page of Google’s search listings for their chosen terms.

Marty from WordPress Direct explains the setup, easy enough, though my sign in page definitely didn’t look like the one on the tutorial video? Quite a few templates to choose from but I stuck to the recommend one – which was pretty close to the theme keyword but something I would want to improve later. The site was up in about 10 minutes complete with first post on the main page.

Upgrading the site wasn’t a problem either as the current version they were using was in sync. The Pretty Link plugin I found was already installed too.

I find I am now ignoring the Mindset videos – I guess I will look back at them later…

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