Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • @hrheingold I firmly believe – if a utopian dream is possible IT WILL come out through the selfless collaboration of people on the Internet in reply to hrheingold #
  • Is it what you know or who you know? Well, you have more control over remembering what you know than who you know forgetting you. #
  • With @Ed_Dale 's mentoring on the horizon it's as if a gauntlet has been thrown -Let's get this #30DC working! #
  • @tonyrobbins Is there a hierarchy of MUSTs? – similar to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs – or is it just the same but inverted #
  • is desperately and absolutely incinerating his boats – he better have an escape route, the only one visible now is forward! #
  • @tonyrobbins THX Qk Rply 🙂 – So MUSTs=no hierarchy, just OFF and ON – some logical/heartfelt LOCK? Making sure my MUST Never becomes a WAS! #
  • LOST Plot Spoiler Alert -No not really- That would be awful wouldn't it 🙂 Sometimes complete freedom of information isn't a good principle #
  • Reviewing my blog I see I've learned to be more productive at writing now – Just accept my apologies until I learn to make them less boring. #
  • I am so glad none of my US friends have dropped any #LOST plot twists – Here in the UK we have to wait until tomorrow – How unfair is that? #
  • The descent of man, the ascent of mind, the moving forward of intelligence questioning back to the source -In a sphere all to the same point #
  • Imagine a world where the education is focused on just ONE thing – to help any person throughout life to 'Be All that they Can Be' #
  • @ChasSCMortgage #30DC 🙂 It worls in reply to ChasSCMortgage #
  • It's article writing day for me today #30DC I must stop reading and watching tips on how to write a great articles and just get on with it! #
  • @tonyrobbins Imagine the outcome if the elementary and practical part of what you teach is a Standard subject Throughout a child's schooling #
  • Biggest thing learnt today is it's OK to screw up and make mistakes over & over again – as long as you keep heading for the outcome you want #
  • @daveyates Move on – you know there are better things to do with your time elsewhere – IMHO in reply to daveyates #
  • I am finally defeating writer's block!! 🙂 Thanks for the offers of article spinners but I really needed to stay away from all that #

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