Day 7 of the #30DC

Day 7 of the 30 Day Challenge – time to add some monitoring and a monetising ad…

Watching Ed Dale’s intro here with the old MiniMoog in the background reminded me that I must have one in my future music studio – one of my dreams 🙁

I want that synthesiser that I think Ozzy Osborne has in his house, well not that particular one especially – that old beauty I am sure was the one used to do the sounds in ‘Who Are You’ … I feel a YouTube video coming on 🙂 …


Aaaahh… nostalgia…

Anyway back to the plot 🙂

Gurubob made it clear about not having trademarks or brand names in the domain name – yes – I can see this as an awful temptation when doing keyword research. There were many out there that could be taken – I guess you might get away with it for a while but you could easily lose the domain later.

Installing Google Analytics makes we wonder again about identity and Google Schizophrenia. Some questions I have here is should a new site be set up with a completely new set of accounts in case you might wish to sell it in the future?? I’ll comment if I find the answer.

A useful thing to do once you have added your Google Analytics ID into the WordPress Direct blog is to check that it is working. If you go into the ‘edit’ link on Google Analytics you will see on the top right a link to ‘Check Status’.

Now the monetization module of Market Samurai was really impressive, putting together ad copy very simply and publishing it straight to the blog. However, this is where it all seems to go wrong. The formatting seemed to have got messed up on the site, so copying the HTML to the clipboard I got a few ideas as to why. I find that if the Headline was longer than 2 rows then it will overlap severely the body text below. So reducing that and trying a few changes here and there led me to cycle round about 10 times to see if I could get it to a point where I was happy with it. I noticed Market Samurai seemed to lose the centralising of the header, so that when I went back in to try again I found it left aligned.

Still, now aware of the shortcomings and I am sure these will get sorted out over time the module itself is really useful and still saves loads of time. I can see they have worked hard to try and get this to work seamlessly and it is (even with the bugs) a very impressive module. A quick check on the button led me to the Pretty Link and the sales page – looking back in the admin section of the site I noted that the link was recorded – excellent…

Final bit – sticking the affiliate link into the blog post – easy enough but I found it hard to put a specific product into the theme keyword focused text. It felt a bit tacky to do that just for a bit more search engine love, but, yes … Follow the program!

I did happen onto the Mindset video today – the subject was fear. I am really hating those daises!!! Well today Karl gets right down to it and tells you to ‘F**k It!” – Yes – Really …

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