You Create Your Own Reality?

‘You Create Your Own Reality?’ This is a phrase I am suddenly seeing a lot of and by the looks of it has been on the increase since the 1970’s. It appears now to be known in places as YCYOR to save time obviously. Is it right? Do you create your own reality?

It makes me wonder then, who exactly is the ‘You’ when you are creating? Because the reality seems exclusively ‘yours’. To also ‘create’ are you making something new or rearranging what is already there? Also, what is reality anyway? There must be a lot of distinct realities going around if you is an individual. Or is it the plural ‘you’, a kind of shared effort between reality engineers creating common or one particular reality? Another thought, is the reality exclusively mine or can I invite anyone into it?

If I am creating my own reality I want lessons in doing it properly. Mine is broken in places and I wouldn’t mind fixing it. Maybe a ‘Reality Creators 101’ might be in order – or say ‘Reality Creation for Dummies’ along with the Top 10 tips for usefulness.

My feeling is probably that ‘you’ is quite a complex subject and involves a lot to do with your personal perception of reality. I know that reality has a tendency to be a lot stranger and more wonderful than it first appears because I guess you get used to it being what it is already.

The creation bit really is an interesting thought, because in everything that could possibly exist it seems you are adding some more to it. I guess infinity doesn’t mind being added to but it does tend to still be infinity no matter what you add to it.

I wonder how these realities all hang out. Do they add together, are they are part of a greater reality or are they somehow all the same? What are they made of? What are they connected to ‘you’ with and how can it be personalised? Do you ever have the problem of somehow picking someone else’s reality one morning and have a really confusing day?

It does feel to be a beautiful idea in itself. That would possibly mean I can create just whatever I want, whenever I want and however I want. Something in it feels right, though I am sure it needs to be worked out.

Currently my reality isn’t all it could possibly be at the moment, there are things going on that are frustrating, sad, annoying and just plain confusing. Or is that just me? Am I creating all that no matter what? That brings on the biggest surprise of all, what a responsibility that all must be. No more being the victim if you are actually creating it. In fact, if you are being the victim in any sense then you must be creating it. Why would you want to do that? Maybe a bit of ‘victim experience’ is a good break to have from all this power that must be available.
It also means I cannot blame anyone else – for anything. Well – not unless I wanted to create that?

What about other people’s realities? How do they impact on yours? Do you share a reality in full or in part?

It is interesting that it isn’t ‘you create reality’, which you must do, but it is also not ‘you create your reality’, you own it somehow. It must belong to you. So what is this reality that is so unique to you. If indeed you are unique?

Is it possible too for reality not to exist? Or perhaps ‘you’ can exist with no reality?

Opposing this, how do you know reality is real? What does that mean and can it be proved?

I know there is a correspondence to this statement somewhere along the lines because we do actually change things. Which then results in things that we experience. So it seems obvious at that level. I use also my everyday experience of reality which although quite personal to me I guess does share a bit of crossover with many other people or I would seem quite mad. Or maybe not be seen at all if I think more about it.

A separation exists too. The reality is not you in a sense. You have created it so it exists as something you made. Is it a part of you or actually separate then.

Assuming too that realities are being changed – or more exact – created all the time then what happens to old ones. Where are all the realities yet to be? Is there an infinite set of realities? This draws my attention to time. There does seem to be an element of the present in that statement. I assume that it applies to now. Is it an eternal statement. Will I be creating reality in the next moment, have I always created it?

How would you prove this statement to be true or false?
Why would you bother?
Other than it sounding like it is one of the most important statements you can ever take on.

So where do you begin?

I guess I shall create a reality in which I am fully aware of everything that goes on in the reality and understand it all. Sounds a bit god-like and impossible doesn’t it?

But it’s MY reality! I can do what I like with it!

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