Seth, Elias – What is the Truth?

Do you choose blissful ignorance of the truth and live satisfied with the illusion or do you embrace the painful truth of reality? Respectively the blue pill or the red pill coined this decision in the box office smash of ‘The Matrix’? Well the illusion could be painful and the reality could be bliss so the choice of the red pill is without question. The only problem it seems is that there are a countless number of red pills to choose from – which logically would sound absurd – and the truth is, you don’t need to take either. The rabbit hole is as deep as your intellect can cope with and if you use the Internet as the source of information to navigate the truth you rapidly become overwhelmed. This is both a burden and a blessing, because although you now have this growing library to enlighten you it does make it obvious which way to go to prevent yourself being swamped. It points back to you, the reader, the learner, the one who is asking the questions. The truth may not be in the form of facts, data and information existing, changing and hard to find. Truth may just be a concept in itself that belongs only to this world of information. Beyond that world is the person experiencing what that information means and feeling another form that exists within the self.

OK – this sounds as if there may be great meaning behind the words but they are just words. The meaning inside that is created is something else. No matter the language they are spoken in, somehow we understand things from the words that create a conceptual world within. One that we can play with, reject, or use further when we think things related.

This conceptual world held my attention for a long time, trying to understand it, trying at times to talk about it. There seems to be all sorts of creations there, things that couldn’t be seen or heard, but some could be felt. I tried years ago to create a language from these concepts, trying to identify the landscapes within. It seemed my ideas were impossible to create and harder than my capacity to work through it all. I am still intrigued by the things that exist here and can get lost wandering through its connections and meanings. If I could spend time here but function expectedly in the real world then I would continue. For the time being it just exists, occasionally calling, with just the acknowledgement of myself that it exists. Thoughts all meander in here, connecting and changing, or indeed travelling across an already existing landscape. But for now I accept that I can neither understand it or perceive it clearly enough.

So between the ever expanding library on the outside, to the ever present world it gets experienced in is the person, considering which way to go, to really understand reality.

Science has been my friend throughout life, offering explanations based on what appears to be happening in the universe. Mathematics offering what seems to be an absolute framework that promises to hold securely the relationships between objective things. But missing is the important stuff, the people and their experiences, the beauty of art, music and the philosophies of subjective things.

If I look to the metaphysical then it promises a confusing world of explanations that border on fantasy, or are just fantastic, with seemingly no visible or logical means of navigating for the truth. The interesting concepts created by Seth, information created of, or through, Jane Roberts did perhaps expand my thinking of other possibilities. This was truly a drama unfolding, reading through the experiences of both her and Robert Butts. Up until the time that Jane died it continued to expand and I felt it was a serious challenge both in thinking and emotions for them both.

Then there are the transcripts of Elisha, through Mary Ennis, that appears to expand further along the same lines, but I am concerned by what truth can lie there. Especially when I read that Elisha states that the planets revolve clockwise as an explanation of a tendency for rotation. If that is wrong then what else is wrong with it.

There is still a redeeming quality to both of these characters however, they both insist on fallibility and push the responsibility back upon the person. They both also allow anyone to expand upon their imagination, or even mind, to open up to possibilities that may not readily be available in everyday thought. Both those qualities appeal to me more than any other. It does force me down a particular path. Whatever truth may come can only come from one source – that is yourself. So between the ever growing but confusing library and the world of the mind then action must be taken to find it out for yourself.

So my next steps in the journey are to find out for myself.

At this moment I do not know how but in a sense I feel that in some way I am already doing it.

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