Celebrity Big Brother – Sorry for the break in sound!!??

The message is:

“Sorry for the break in sound – The housemates are singing”


What is it then, Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence”????

This is right after the warning on start up of the program that there may be adult humour and strong language … however, most of what I have seen so far is childish humour and weak english???

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Getting Facebook and WordPress to Connect

One of the first things I tried when creating this blog was to get some integration with Facebook. Although I found myself increasingly using Facebook and finding some great people on there I was getting totally frustrated by the word count limitations of the status update and often became victim of disappearing posts. Also, after many years of using blogs for everything but personal blogging it became more attractive to have a central place for all my seemingly disconnected projects and writings that over the years get written down and lost. Continue reading “Getting Facebook and WordPress to Connect”

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Who are You?

There has been quite a few changes in me recently that seem to be resulting from just ‘one thought’ … one that has without fail reappeared time and time again over the Christmas holidays. I love the idea that just one thought can have such a big impact and have read of such things in many of the ‘positive’ books over the years but I never really experienced any real benefit from any of the ideas … Well … only fleeting moments of inspiration that upon waking the next day seem to get washed away in the noise of life.

What is that one thought that seems to be making drastic changes? …

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