Finally allowing Freestyling to work – but with shortcuts

To try and apply this theory to Internet marketing may sound absurd for the more casual and delicately balanced mind, I know because I own one, but I also own the imagination that brings them together in a hurricane of ideas that my theory goes along something like this… If the hurricane drops a few solid concepts along its path of common sense destruction, then they must be examined further when the storm has passed.

Hence a little is shown in the style of my writing about this, encompassing the ideas of freestyle that I have picked up, infected by Ed Dale’s Challenge material on this subject and recognising that this is a deeper idea, analysed many others who practise it. I am afraid I am only using the essence of it …

Now my practise may create a string of words that are hard to digest – and in desperation, or happy abandon, throw away the whole idea of editing afterwards and leaving it as it falls. However, I know from past experience the concepts held within are like tools for creating ideas, that a clam reading much later will highlight a clearer view of what was written and be the better for it.

The only restriction I apply, apart from a little syntax editing at the end is at least try to split the thoughts up into more concise forms, smaller sentences. Not like the torrent being dammed by the slowness of converting into funny shapes in a serial manner, through even slower and less coordinated digits that interface it the computer.

I could try voice, which may be quicker to create, but later unless I can train my Dragon to understand me better would be painfully slow in looking back and developing ideas further. I find this painful process to be a balance between the machine understanding the sounds I make and me having to consciously change the sounds as I make them for more efficiency.

I can never understand why we cannot interface to the mind by now. I was switching lights on and off with the frequencies pouring from my mind with what I built in school before the Eighties and frustrated that technology hasn’t connected and caught up. How ideal would that have been? We seem more concerned with entertaining and the information than with extending ourselves and our abilities – a truly easy society to keep happy I’m sure…

However, frustration aside, I am relieved to let some of this go into the formation of the word if only to help me later become faster and more comprehensive – if not more comprehendible.

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