Success! Just by Thinking It?

Just think you will be successful – and you will!
Use visualisation, see yourself achieving success and it will instantly become part of your reality!
Dream big, apply massive action, believe it and you will be successful!

Yeh – Right. So that’s it then. All you have to do. What is wrong with this picture?

First of all, I’ll retract a little. These are all good things. These ideas are all part of an equation that really pulls away the thoughts that hold people back in a life of misery. They all sound a bit unreal though don’t they?

They are not real. That is the truth. Sorry to sound negative, but this is because they exist in a different realm to reality.

Success requires what? What does it need to become real? It doesn’t ever become anything. It is a state of mind or a definition you have attached to the reality you live in.

You can be and are in fact successful right now. The very fact that you are there now reading this is in many regards a practical impossibility. Any slight changes in the billions of events that have occurred in the billions of years that have passed before this moment and you would not be here. Maybe nothing would exist here. But here you are. Your very existence is one of the biggest success stories ever. Just consider the millions of events that led to your birth. Any one of which, if changed, would result in a totally different future for you, if it existed at all. Of course, we are talking of the physical world, there is of course another side to the universe in which you live that we have no understanding at all and are often the subject of many religions that exist now.

So well done!!!!

You are here now reading this!!! Wonderful isn’t it? Well maybe, my writing could be a little better and the words better chosen but I hope there is enough there for you to consider the one point – you are successful by any calculation.

But, maybe that’s not enough. You are here now and you want something, you perceive that you need to achieve something, you need to have something, or even a million somethings, whatever it is you have decided that this is your measure of success.

There it is, the real meaning, ‘the measure’ of success.

Now all those useful positive thinking, visualising, imagination things that are shown by our current experts in these matters will be enough to strip away your doubts, fears and negative thoughts to prevent you from being successful. But these are just removing the walls and giving you the energy to achieve you success.

Success is measured in your own mind. Measured to be – what?

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