Success Systems are not worth anything – There’s Something Very Important Missing!

You can keep looking around the Internet for success tips, finding the 10 best ways to succeed and probably how to get absolutely everything that you ever wanted without lifting a finger schemes and not getting anywhere. You can fill your moments of burning with desire for success one moment as you read a good book on the subject and then the rest of the time the exact opposite. What is it that keeps dragging us back and letting life’s tedious unimportant problems get in the way?

We know we should do things better – Don’t we?

We know we should change our faults, become better people, aim higher or think positive – Don’t we?

We certainly don’t want to spend the rest of our lives regretting things that we never tried for, never achieving the things that we really wanted for ourselves, our friends and partners and especially for parents, for our children. But somehow most of us do let our opportunities pass us by.

What is it that does that? Do we fall back to sleep after realising the possibilities available to us? Or maybe we never get the chance in life to see those possibilities in the first place?

Inside we know we want a more comfortable life, we know we want to do things better, we know we want more, to feel like we have achieved something, no matter how big or small that they are?

But these are all just words aren’t they. Questions with a purpose to do what – sell you something? Get you to buy a product that will instantly change your life as soon as you get it in your hands?

Well Yes and No?

Not a product in that sense and nothing to sell. No system or words of wisdom that will instantaneously make you some kind of success guru. No information from this page that will give you the answer. None of these words means anything – nothing in any of the books, audio or video will do anything without just one thing…

The answer you have known all of your life … Yes, You!

Without anyone becoming self-aware, actually feeling what those questions mean, the words, sounds and images mean nothing. So it is all up to you…

You Are Wonderful! Unique!

Now slow right down and think really hard about what follows – I mean really hard, it will only take a moment. You may be disappointed that the answer wasn’t clever, surprising or life changing, or whatever reasons are in your mind, shake any negative feelings off. Just try to take the following as positively as you can and please keep whatever good feelings you get staying there.

There is no other like you in existence is there! You would know otherwise because they would be part of you, you would be aware of them – you are one and only in all of space and time. Your thoughts, your feelings, and your eyes seeing only what you could ever see.

You exist now!

You are here!

The very fact that you exist comes down to the most wonderful mystery of the universe, whether you are religious or not, beyond anyone’s explanation, something wonderful has happened, you are here, now at this moment!

Who are you? What is it that you want to do in life? What would give you the happiest feeling that you could imagine. Try to wake to the possibilities that are open to you right now! Really go as far as you can, feel wonderful, feel happy and push yourself as hard as you can to appreciate all the good things around and within you. You have power to change things in this universe. You move your hand, how does that work, by wanting to do it, or unconsciously you have moved thousands of living cells from one place to another, a fantastic machine under your power, to do with exactly as you please.

You are aware of yourself! Be aware of what you want! Be aware that you can get what you want, if you cannot believe that now, pretend to believe, pretend that you can achieve absolutely anything that you want! The more you stay there, the more you stay awake to yourself, the more you imagine and want this the more able you will become to aim for those things. Many people before you have known and taught this in various ways – it is a fundamental.

You must want it! You must make a change, right here, right now and stay awake to the possibilities, to hoping, to imagining and dreaming, to really aim for what your life is all about.

Please – BE All That You Can Be! Do great things for yourself and others. Do wonderful and good things in the world. Do it now – and Keep on Doing It!

You need to stay awake! You can do fantastic things! You can change the world; make it better, for yourself and anyone you care for! Your every moment, from this moment on, belongs to you! Be self-aware, that wonderful person you really want to be!

Just DON’T LET IT GO – You deserve everything you want. You may have been missing for so many years, but you are here now! Go and learn those success systems – and KNOW that you will make it this time. Now start planning and making those changes, one by one, allow yourself to fall, to fail, but get back up again to this place, this time, this eternal moment that is NOW.

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