30 Day Challenge

Google Account Schizophrenia

Strange isn’t it – with what is probably one of the shortest videos of the preseason modules in the 30 Day Challenge comes with the biggest challenge to me so far. Let me explain…


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • Having an early clearout of old development software. Thank you Revo Uninstaller for helping me get rid of the ones that refuse to uninstall #
  • Just realised that all external links in Twitter are NoFollow ones 🙁 #
  • "Making a decision is progress – Sticking to it gives it momentum…" Shawn Du'Mmett #quote #
  • Going through the preseason training on the 30 Day Challenge #30dc #
  • Looking through the preseason stuff, loads of useful nuggets in the UStreams, will note and blog when finished #30dc #
  • "Internet History will be written by the sites that can be found in the search engines" Shawn Du'Mmett #quote #
  • is trying waaaaay too hard to get his first ReTweet 😛 How sad… #
  • has been through an exercise of exorcising my Twitter follow list. If I know you personally and have accidently deleted you then let me know #
  • @Ed_Dale I am writing loads of stuff on the 30DC – Please let me know if I am stepping on any toes, especially any big fat copyright ones 8( #
  • is beginning to realise that 'FIGHT or FLIGHT' never was the complete answer. The 'FREEZE' response should be added. #
  • is recovering from ANOTHER nasty dose of flu or what I would prefer to call it "The Shivers" #
  • @Ed_Dale Sorry for delay flu 🙁 any copy probs with #
  • I feel good!! NaNa NaNa NaNa Na!! One positive thing about illness is the feeling you always (-1) get when you are recovering #
  • 0-1mil. in a year? What a fascinating story this is. So many say it is possible, a few tried and (I think) failed-Looking for good stories?? #
  • Full speed back into the #30DC pre-season stuff tomorrow (GMT) – will be looking for some seriously tenacious team members in the forum #
  • The book became the journal, which became the article, became the newsletter, became the blog, became the tweet-OK we're down to 140 chars #
  • IS – That was my attempt at the most thought provoking, deep, philosophical and meaningful Tweet I could possibly make – and in 2 characters #
  • @Wmath3w sounds interesting 🙂 Did you do the full #30DC? Love to hear of your experience of this in reply to Wmath3w #
  • I would love to see a new trend in testimonials. Each one having a live link to their Twitter or Facebook. Only serious ones would do that #
  • Jumping back into Internet Marketing is getting quite scary now, especially when the sharks are bigger and more powerful than they were??? #
  • One of the biggest and most powerful systems I see on the horizon is the Magic Bullet system – I just hope they are after the bigger fish!!! #
  • @Ed_Dale RE Can you please check for any copy probs – IMHO I think harmless but better to be safe #
  • Always now looking for the positive – recent illness – I lost 7Kgs!!! – Heheee – What? There's actually a money making possibility in flu?? #
  • RT @Ed_Dale: The false solace of vilification XLNt observations by Seth Godin on an oft seen reaction to disaster #
  • @daveyates Brilliant answer from your son 🙂 Just remind him you are what you eat – But not necessarily at that moment 🙂 in reply to daveyates #
  • You only live once, however nowadays you can get a Second Life and other virtual lives to try out alternatives #
  • Life is strange, I'm now dripping steroids into my nasal passage on a regular basis to try and restore my hearing. Phew – What's next? #
  • Why hasn't anyone invented nice self-organising little nano-excavators to do the job instead of this barbaric alchemy – Damn those Dark Ages #

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