List of Interesting Consumer Electronics Show 2010 Videos

A collection of the more interesting videos about the latest CES show in Las Vegas.

I love the technologies shown here and the ideas that are created, so for my benefit as much as anyone else I pulled together the best ones for later review. If you do find any that I missed please let me know 🙂

Just For Fun

President drops Lost plot in national address

President drops ‘Lost’ plot in State of The Union address
Has Obama really lost the plot?

By CMN Reporter, Shawn Du’Mmett

Last minute changes to the script which included an analogy drawn from a plot in ‘Lost’ for the national address by President Obama planned to be given later in February were deemed inappropriate when moved back to the second.

Unfortunately this coincided with ABC’s premiere of the final season of ‘Lost’.


Twitter Updates for 2010-01-08

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5 Skincare Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older – Yahoo Health

I am not sure why I ended up here but here you are ladies, something to consider.

I just thought, could that last statement be considered sexist??

Well Yahoo Health have come up with what I thought were quite surprising items…

Site Creation

Adding Twitter to WordPress

After some progress integrating Facebook the next step is to bring in Twitter. Let’s have a look at what is available…


Ways to make money on the Internet?

You probably get to see many of these in your Inbox – especially if you are involved in the industry, but do you wonder how many of them actually work? Well I have an idea that needs a few Internet skeptics like myself …